Avenged Sevenfold Plays the First Metal Show at Rogers Place!

Avenged Sevenfold and guests blew Rogers Place away with what was likely the first metal concert inside the new arena on February 15th. Joined by Bullet For My Valentine and Breaking Benjamin, they brought hours of high energy rock to Edmonton’s hard rock community. The sold out crowd represented and fed their energy back to the bands on stage; M. Shadows looked legitimately impressed with the energy as did Bullet For My Valentine.

Bullet For My Valentine


The UK rockers opened the show with 45 minutes of high energy metalcore playing some of their biggest songs such as Your Betrayal and Tears Don’t Fall. The crowd was instantly into them. I’ve seen few other openers that have gotten as loud a reaction as BFMV received. The crowd sang loudly to Tear Don’t Fall and I hope the energy the crowd showed towards BFMV brings them back for more shows.

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin

I believe this band was wrong to bring on this tour. Their music has a different feel from the other two; it just doesn’t have the energy that BFMV or A7X have. It’s depressing and simply has a slower energy to it then the other two. With that being said, they put on the best show they could.

The singer was suffering from the flu but kept up singing as much as he could and ran around the stage quite a bit. When talking to the crowd, you could hear the sickness in his voice but not while singing. They played the majority of their hits with the crowd singing along to most of their bigger songs. The biggest crowd response they got was when they started a cover medley. It began with a drum set pulled out with light sabers attached and going into the Imperial March from Star Wars then eventually going into Smells Like Teen Spirit and others. They finished their set with the Diary of Jane and I was honestly glad they were finished. Their show was good, but their music just didn’t fit with the rest of the bands.

Avenged Sevenfold


The band came out with all guns blazing. The energy in the building was livid. Their stage was built of multiple screens  showcasing their unique imagery. The only thing missing from this show was pyrotechnics which Avenged has had at almost every other show I have seen from them. The band’s energy and the show more than made up for it.

Avenged played for almost two solid hours running through all of their biggest songs. They hit at least one song from every album except their first one. During their encore, Avenged brought a fan on stage to introduce a song. Mad props to this guy! He brought his girlfriend out on stage and proposed! M. Shadows hugged them and then went into A Little Piece of Heaven before the band ended their show with Unholy Confessions.

Avenged Sevenfold always has one of the best concerts out there and you should go see them if you have the chance!

Voltaic Oceans

Avenged also had a secret shirt at their merch booth! If you are heading to show in the future on this tour, get your hands on the Voltaic Oceans shirt. You have to ask specifically for it as it is not advertised anywhere at the show.


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