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Joyo Bantamp Meteor Review

This Little Thing Gives a Hell of a Sound

The Joyo Bantamp Meteor is a beast of an amp for being cheap as it is. Also known as the British High Gain, it’s going to hit all that chunky goodness. It gives the high gain without the struggle of making higher notes shrill. If you’re looking for something small that packs a punch, this thing will do it in stride.

The Meteor is a similar style to the Orange Micro series or the Peavey Piranha amps. It looks ridiculously small for the oomph it gives, at maybe 4lbs. Don’t let that turn you away; it may be small but it’s going to give you all the power you need. Like all the Bantamp series, it has a 12AX7 tube in the preamp and a solid state power amp. At 20 watts, this thing is more than enough to power those bedroom or garage sessions.

It gets loud.

Joyo Bantamp Meteor

This thing packs a punch, even though it looks absurd for its size.

For bedroom levels, it can’t go past the “2” spot on the volume knob. Of course, having it hooked up to a 150 watt 1X12 speaker doesn’t help that. It also has a gain knob, but we all know it’s just going to be cranked to the max at all times you death metal diehards, and a tone knob. That’s it. It doesn’t need anything else to sound as good as it does. If you like your 3 knob tone control, stay away. Otherwise, for us non-elitists, the meteor is going to work just fine. I didn’t find that the tone knob had as much of an issue with the mid “scoop” that the Orange Micro Dark and the Peavey Piranha had.

What? There’s more!?

That’s right. This little beast has a clean and an OD channel. I haven’t seen another amp of this style have that option. So when you want to switch over and play those sappy power metal power ballads, you can do that to your heart’s content. And it actually sounds fantastic in the cleans with the right settings. (It’s not hard to get the right settings, there’s only three knobs).

The little meteor got an effects loop it takes pedals very well. So, you want to hook up 15 different pedals to your amp, then by all means set that shit up.

Oh and it’s got a dedicated headphone output that is supposed to simulate a tube sound. There are worse sounding headphone outputs on amps. Maybe you don’t want to wake your dog or your wife up and have to play through headphones; it’s going to get the job done.

The goddamned Bluetooth

The only problem with this little terror of an amp if the Bluetooth functionality. The Joyo Bantamp Meteor gives the option to pair your favourite Bluetooth device with it to play along to your favourite tunes. BUT YOU CAN’T DO THAT. Good luck finding a volume balance between the guitar and the Bluetooth music. One is either going to be too high or too low. There will never be balance. Sigh. The inclusion of Bluetooth is a great idea. But it just doesn’t work here.

The Joyo Bantamp Meteor Lowdown


5/6 strings

The Good

The high gain sound is balanced very well and does high and low notes clearly.

The option for a clean and distortion channel for an amp of this kind.

Effects loop that works great for pedals of all type.

It’s loud.

It has a tube in it.

It’s cheap.

The Bad

The Bluetooth. The idea is nice but the execution doesn’t work very well.

It only has one tube in it.



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