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LTD EC-256 Gives the Best Bang for your Buck

The Canadian Rule

Being Canadian, I had to get a black Les Paul style guitar. It’s a rule here. You just can’t not have one. If you’re in a Canadian rock band, you have a Les Paul style guitar. Rush, Theory of a Deadman, Nickelback (sigh), The Trews, and tons more all do it.  Sure, they play Gibson, but that’s not the point. It’s the style guys.

Naturally, to go along with this rule, I picked up an LTD EC-256 and, oh man, it is one fantastic guitar. It’s extremely versatile and can easily provide tones for a wide range of musical styles ranging from Jazz to metal. I have mine setup in Drop D and a full step down to give a heavy punch for some metalcore/metal runs.

Watch Where These Are From

There does seem to be more than one version of this guitar, and it’s not just a different paint job. Depending on where the guitar is made, either China, Vietnam, or Indonesia, the weight can be vastly different. The one that I have is made in China and is incredibly light for this style of guitar. The Les Paul styles are generally a heavier guitar and this was a nice surprise. However, if you pick up the Indonesian or Vietnam made one, they’re going to be on the heavier side. There is some sound difference between them as well. The lighter version seems to be a little crisper and provide an overall better tone. Basically, pay attention to where the guitar was made and try out the different versions, they can be slightly different sounding.

It’s a beauty

LTD EC-256

The guitar is gorgeous. It’s a solid black with a thin white strip going around the body and the neck of the guitar. While the gold hardware gives a higher end look. There is no finish issues anywhere on the guitar that I’ve been able to see unlike one of my most recent purchases… Did I forget to mention that there is a stomach cut-out? Yeah, the EC-256 has that and that is hard to find on this style of guitar normally.

Like I said before, this thing is going to give you pretty much any tone you want out of it. This guitar shines on lower tunings and is designed for hard rock and metal players. The playability on this guitar is off the charts and its easily punching above its weight class. The frets are perfectly smooth. The pickups are great for being standard LTD pickups (not that I’ve ever had an issue with their pickups). The LTD EC-256 has 3 pots; 2 volume and 1 tone knob partnered with a 3-way selector.

The Lowdown

This one gets a solid 6/6 stings.

The Good

  • LTD EC-256 punches above its weight class.
  • High playability right out of the box.
  • Perfectly built for hitting low tones, but handles higher ones quite well.
  • Stunning black, white, and gold paint job. The sunburst versions are just as nice looking.
  • Tummy bevel.

The Bad

  • I can’t think of any. This guitar is absolutely amazing for its price and if you’re looking for a Les Paul style of guitar, this is hard to pass up.


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