Joyo Pocket Metal – When Small Things Give Big

Sometimes you impulse buy an item and it turns out poorly. Like those $1 dollar charging cables that catch fire.

Sometimes you impulse buy an item and it turns out it is amazing.

That’s what happened with the Joyo Pocket Metal that I recently purchased. And, oh boy, is this company making me a fan of their stuff.

Joyo Pocket Metal

Like the Bantamp Meteor I purchased earlier in the year, this little pedal exceeded all expectations. Especially since it’s only about $40. Anyone who wants to get a nice hard rock/metal sound needs to look into this pedal. It’s small and won’t take up much space on a pedal board, provides some killer distortion, and is incredible easy to use.

The Sound

This thing is not versatile. You won’t get a light rock sound out of it. You won’t get a pop, jazz, blues, or country sound. There is no way to hide its lack of versatility but it does exactly what you want.

The Joyo Pocket Metal gives a dirty, distorted metal tone. You want to sound like Arch Enemy? No Problem, crank up that distortion and volume knob, lower the tone know, and let it howl. Want to sound like Megadeth? Pfft. Easy. Turn the distortion down slightly and adjust the tone to about half. Iron Maiden? Done.

The Pocket Metal will give all but the harshest metal tones.

Ease of Use

No one should have any issue finding a sound to their liking out of the Pocket Metal. There’s three knobs, that is it. One for Distortion (crank that all the way!), Tone, and Volume. Do you really need anything else?

Maybe Don’t Use a Noise Gate

This pedal is fantastic for what it is and how much it is. I’m not saying there aren’t better pedals out there, but you cannot go wrong for $40. Although, if you are using a noise reducer or noise gate, it may not play well with the Joyo Pocket Metal. I plugged it in with a Behringer Noise Reduction pedal and lost basically all distortion. The volume on the amp needed to be turned way up and that caused some problems when switching to a clean channel. This only happens with the nose reducers/noise gates. I tested it with other pedals and couldn’t find an issue. In fact, my brother has a pedal board with 10 stomp boxes and the Pocket Metal had no problem there.


The Good

  • The metal tone.
  • Easy to use.
  • Small.
  • Cheap.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t always play well other pedals, especially noise gates/reducers.
  • Might not be versatile enough for some people.

Total Rating

5/6 Strings


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