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Build a Custom Guitar Pedalboard for $25


Guitar pedalboards can run quite a bit more than expected. However, building a fully functional pedalboard is very easy. The board should cost no more than $25 and should take no more than 30 minutes. There are some optional steps, if you so choose, but are not necessary to get the pedalboard in working order. These optional steps will obviously increase the cost, the time to completion, and are up to personal preference.

The pedalboard has gaps between each slat. This will allow cables to be hidden underneath the board, except where plugged into the pedals. The board will also be angled towards the guitar player, giving a better angle to see the various dials and faces of the pedals.

What you need to build one:

  • Hejne two-pack of shelves from Ikea ($10)
  • Velcro. Velcro tape is probably best but various types are available. ($10-25)
  • A hammer or screwdriver.
  • A couple of screws or nails.
  • (Optional) Paint in your preferred colours
  • (Optional) Wood Glue

Step 1

After getting the two pack of shelves from Ikea, open it up and look at the instructions. If you see anything interesting, make note. Otherwise, throw those instructions out. They are not needed here. Same goes for the accompanying screws. Those are for attaching the shelves to build the proper shelving unit.

two pack shelf
Ikea’s Hejne two pack shelves

On one of the shelves, take off one of the slats. This will be the rear support, giving the pedal board an angle while sitting on the ground.

Removed slat from one of the shelves

(Optional) Step 1.5

If you would like a shorter pedal board, the shelf can be cut. This is what I did using a miter saw. The sideboard can then be reattached to the now shorter slats.

Step 2

Take the piece you just removed and connect it to the back of the intact shelf. It should be placed between the two boards running along the sides of the shelf. Screw in the board. Add wood glue if you would like extra support.

Place the removed slat on each side of the overhanging sideboard
The attached slat

(Optional) Step 2.5

Paint! Choosing your preferred colour or colour combination, apply it to the pedalboard before the Velcro. Remember to give the paint ample drying time before moving to Step 3. Try to have patience and give at least overnight to allow the paint to dry completely. If the paint is still sticky, it is too soon to move to step 3. The board is a blank slate, you can do whatever you want with it.

painted pedalboard
Spray painted and left to dry overnight

Step 3

Now is the time for Velcro. Place Velcro strips along the length of each slat on the board. Then place pieces of the adjoining Velcro on the back of each pedal you will be using on the board.

Velcro placed pedalboard
Velcro tape placed on each slat

Step 4

Place your pedals on the board and connect them to the amp. The board is now complete.

Great job and enjoy your new pedal board!

Finished pedalboard
Completed pedalboard


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